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  Saad Eddin Ibrahim's 'home': America will not be able to cancel military aid to Egypt .. The maneuvers 'Bright Star' have been stalled since 2009

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مُساهمةموضوع: Saad Eddin Ibrahim's 'home': America will not be able to cancel military aid to Egypt .. The maneuvers 'Bright Star' have been stalled since 2009   السبت 17 أغسطس 2013 - 11:02

Saad Eddin Ibrahim's 'home': America will not be able to cancel military aid to Egypt .. The maneuvers «Bright Star» stalled since 2009, said Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies, said that the current situation tragic by any measure, after the hit madness Brotherhood and became acting randomly, because they insist on demands unattainable in time present, namely the return of President isolated Mohamed Morsi, as they do put the cart before the horse and يختلقون all circumstances which impose on the state to unsealed sit by force. added, in an interview for «home», that the United States would not seek to exploit what happened against the state, explaining that stability in Egypt is all that interested in, so you can implement treaties with Israel, which he maintained former President Hosni Mubarak, and his successor, Marina and any system that is coming will be all that mattered America him the same thing. ■ How do you see current political scene in Egypt? - in Indeed scene now a tragic sense of the word, we have a country that wants to maintain and protect the institutions and this right and we have a terrorist group, which is organizing the Brotherhood want to retrieve the site one foot, having lost everything in the homeland Alfezhm and wants to wash his intestines were and who the most important, which suffered madness Having owned everything, and after a year lost everything and make them beat left and right and move randomly, which Cesedhm isolation and contempt and hatred of the people for them. ■ What is your comment on the settlement Aatsamy fourth Adawiya and the Renaissance? - the state has exercised all can restraint toward the sit-ins and demonstrations Brotherhood, which wanted the terror of society, and spread chaos and burning of Egypt, and their insistence on the use of violence against the police and the families of a number of dwellers fourth Adawiya, because they insist on demands unattainable at present, which is the return of President isolated, as they do put the cart before the horse and يختلقون all conditions imposed on the state to unsealed sit-in by force. ■ But you do any attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood, which manifests itself as the victim in these events? - the group has resorted in the past to play the role of victim, and then Stnfy that Sit was armed, and will come all the novels she was attacked by a landslide of by the security forces without advance warning, and that the victims were in the hundreds, and Ststgat all forces both at home and abroad, but would not it something, but I think that the Egyptian state in its confrontation of these groups is of triumph in the end, but after paying the price of the blood of the Egyptians, both Brotherhood or the security forces, فالمواجهات previous between the state and the Muslim Brotherhood Brotherhood was the losers in the end, the loss this time will be heavy and will not have existed before at least 30 years. ■ What is your comment on the speech by U.S. President Obama on the situation in Egypt? - «Obama» is the other wants to exonerate himself from the charge of assisting terrorist groups in the Middle East, rushed to issue a letter exonerate the discharged of charges of helping America for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and looking the topography of the situation in Egypt, through non-binding statement expressing concern about what is happening, and calls on all parties to sit down and negotiate, and then return and confirms that the solution to the problem in Egypt at the hands of the Egyptian people. ■ What about comments maneuvers Egyptian - American known as «Bright Star»? - the decision a foregone conclusion, Valmnorat Egyptian - American known by the Star Bright parked since 2009, which is intended This decision amends the American public procedure, and canceled does not constitute a nuisance for us, and America benefit from this maneuver more than Egypt, as they attempt to highlight and public opinion on what is happening in Egypt, it is impossible to decide the United States cut military aid to Egypt. ■ What about the cessation of U.S. aid to Egypt? - I do not think to stop the United States military aid to Egypt, the maximum he can Obama do during the current period is to stop financial aid, despite the lack of value of these in-kind assistance, it is the value of the moral and which represents the support and quality certificate, which granted by the United States to Egypt, although it is much less than the value of gross domestic product in addition to supporting the Arab countries to Egypt with more than $ 12 billion after the revolution of June 30 and that incomparable American aid tens of doubles. ■ What is your comment on the call by Britain, France and Australia Security Council to hold a closed session to discuss Events in Egypt? - I think it is an administrative procedure to examine the situation in Egypt, and the non-binding resolution, the maximum that can be said that they would demand of power in Egypt to expedite the implementation of the Roadmap and propose a number of recommendations to address the current situation, but will not make a decision because the presence of Russia and China Sabtalh . ■ What do you think belief Brotherhood they will return to the rule of international pressure? - absurd to believe the Brotherhood ability of the West and America to return to rule again, it will not happen after the departure of millions to demand Basagathm. ■ What is your comment on the Turkish attitude toward Egypt? - It is no secret A Turkish government nature Islami, and was looking to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as strategic ally to them, which is unlike Turkish public opinion, since the month, Turkey hosted a conference for all the forces of political Islam in the region to remedy the situation, but the conference was not without blame and criticism of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt , who committed errors detrimental march of the Islamic movement in the region, and asked them the need to act as Egyptians, and to show that public opinion procedure, which resulted in the disappearance of black flags and green field fourth Adawiya, and raise the flag of Egypt in the wake of the meeting, Fbsagot Brotherhood convulse the throne under the feet of Islamic governments in all countries of the region. ■ What about Dr. Abdel Moneim Fotouh? - Fotouh out of the Brotherhood, but the Brotherhood is not out of it yet, it behaves like a member of the organization, and after he had participated in the revolution of June 30 saw falls abruptly, although he was a supporter of drop the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, but simply by not receiving any political gains began his true form appear and face the Muslim Brotherhood has dominated. ■ Can Nour Party performing the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? - I do not think so because the Nour Party lost much of its credibility after his المتخاذلة earlier, although candidate Because inherit the bulk of the masses of the Muslim Brotherhood, but his position in Egyptian politics future foggy, offers a man in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and delay other in their condemnation, which work on the fluctuation of his position during the recent period. ■ How do you see the future of the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and the forces of political Islam in the scene Egyptian? - I think that the end of the Muslim Brotherhood inaccurate reading of the history of the group, was not a blow to June 30 are the only ones they received over their history, but there are tribulations many went through, and were able to absorb and re-rhetoric, but no doubt they will not wake up from this blow, but after 10 years , but I can not say they are finished. ■ What about the series of hit-and-run between these groups and the army? - will continue for a period of not a small figure, where will these groups takfirist, which I like to called mercenaries, will not stay, despite the use of the (mortar and R P Ji) in front of the army and the Egyptian armed forces, Vkfah balance is not in their favor and still have an opportunity to stop these acts of terrorism and surrender to the army and only فمصيرهم will be a lesson to those who considered, because the army will not tolerate the killing of soldiers every day. ■ What do you say of the Muslim Brotherhood and the political forces? - I advise them to return Egyptians first and submit an apology to the people of Egypt what اقترفوه, and national forces must open her arms to the Muslim Brotherhood and youth rehabilitation work and assimilation into the mainstream of national life.
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Saad Eddin Ibrahim's 'home': America will not be able to cancel military aid to Egypt .. The maneuvers 'Bright Star' have been stalled since 2009
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